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Miolle Tow Strap 2”x20’- 20990 lbs MBS (Lab Tested) Recovery Strap Kit includes: Tow Rope, 2 D-Ring Shackles 5/8 MBS- 28640LBS, Storage Case

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BEST QUALITY Extra durable UV water-resistant Polyester Webbing STRAPS for any vehicle 20990 lb's Lift

VERSATILITY- Can be used as tow rope, pallet puller strap, tree saver, also suitable for boat, trucks, ATV, etc. Includes 2 D-Ring shackles.

COMES ALONG with 2 common fit 5/8 screw pin D-Ring loop, shackles rated WLL 7165 lbs, safety factor 4:1, Breaking at 28640LBS.

BUY CONFIDENCE - with our High-Quality off road tow rope you are no longer stranded in emergency situations.

LIFETIME WARRANTY - We build our products with strength and honor. Contact us anytime if you have any issues and we'll fix the problem promptly. Super fast.

™This Heavy-Duty Towing Off-Road Strap is a perfect combination of reliability, functionality, versatility, and power™

✔ Made from extra-durable frost/UV/water-resistant Polyester Webbing, ensuring lightness and strength. It is lighter than a towing chain, yet stronger.
✔ Our material is exceptionally reliable, abrasion-resistant, and resistant to damage from oil and many chemicals.
✔ Includes 2 D-ring Shackles Screw Pin Type (for frequent open/close) covered with black anti-corrosion paint for rattling prevention against the anchor point when mounted.
✔ This Off-Road Recovery Kit is suitable for Trucks, Cars, Tractors, Boats, ATVs, and More.
✔ Now, you are well-prepared and equipped for any emergencies.
✔ Use it as a towing strap, pallet puller rope, lift sling, or tree saver, etc.
✔ Comes with a Heavy-Duty Recovery Gear Case that is made from light rip-stop durable fabric. Keeps your recovery off-road kit organized and protected.

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Best Tow Straps On Market

For those who often dare to venture off the beaten track,⛰a recovery situation is an inevitable pitfall of trying to conquer particularly rough terrain. There might be nothing fun about hauling a stuck vehicle out of a bog but with the right recovery tools, it can at least be made easier and safer.

How often should I clean my Miolle Tow Strap? 

You should clean your Miolle Tow Strap after each use to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating on the material.

Can I use any cleaning agent to clean my Miolle Tow Strap? 

No, you should only use a mild soap and warm water to clean your Miolle Tow Strap. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they can weaken the material.

How do I know if my Miolle Tow Strap is damaged? 

Inspect your Miolle Tow Strap regularly for any signs of wear and tear, such as fraying, cuts, or abrasions.

Can I use my Miolle Tow Strap for towing?

Yes, a Miolle Tow Strap is designed for vehicle tow only and should not be used for recovery.

What is the material and strength of the Miolle Tow Strap?

The Miolle Tow Strap is made from extra durable UV water-resistant Polyester Webbing, designed to withstand tough conditions.

How can this product benefit me in emergency situations?

With its high-quality construction and versatility, the Miolle Tow Strap ensures that you are well-equipped to handle various recovery and towing needs, minimizing the chances of being stranded.

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